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The Leader in Energy Healing Training & Establishing Energy Healing Services in Businesses.


Our Beautiful Offerings Include:

  • Energy Healing Services & Training

  • Online Courses for Personal & Professional Healing 

  • Establishing Energy Healing Services in Businesses

  • IonCleanse Detox Services

  • Space Cleansing Services & Products

  • Enagic pH Water Machine Sales

  • Essential Oils, Bach Flower Remedies, & Tuning Forks

  • Space Cleansing Supplies 

Welcome to our Tribe!

Our tribe consists of people from all walks of life and we are so blessed to be able to provide a safe space to learn, do deep self-healing, and to develop your amazing innate gifts so that we can help heal and help raise the consciousness of all. We specialize in working with businesses and employers who want to offer professional energy healing services to their clients or their staff along with training individuals for both personal and professional growth. 

What is Energy Healing?


Energy Healing is a transformational journey in which an individual works with a practitioner over a period of time to help them understand their life as a learning experience for their soul while providing them with resources and techniques to promote self-understanding and personal growth so they can experience enhanced health and happiness. The practitioner works with a person as an individual, guiding them in making positive life changes while honoring and respecting their unique life experiences and their journey as an evolving spiritual being.

A practitioner teaches and facilitates energy balancing treatments and techniques which promotes an experience of feeling more alive, mental and emotional clarity, and personal integration. Energy healers facilitate healing sessions that are specific and personal to each individual and what they need at the time of the session. Each session is unique and designed specifically for each person using the best combination of tools and techniques. 

The human body is a part of the universal life force energy that flows through and within every part of the body. When this energy flow is blocked or excessive, the body’s functions become impaired, which can lead to symptoms of distress and eventually disease. Working through the Aura (electro-magnetic field) Chakras, Chinese Meridians (energy pathways)  and gently introducing a directed energy flow to a person, the Practitioner helps to clear blockages and balance the energy, allowing healing energy to again flow freely through the person’s body. This is achieved through the use of hands-on healing techniques similar to Reiki and other vibrational medicine tools.


Energy Healers do not manipulate tissues, diagnose disease, or prescribe medication. Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the Chakras and energy meridians so they may regain the proper energy flow and balance within the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy. This then manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. An energy healer's job is to work with an individual to provide healing services, readings are not part of their job description although some individual practitioners may choose to provide those types of services in accordance with their own personal skill set.

What are the Benefits of Energy Healing?

  • Stress Relief & Management

  • Elevated Manifestation & Attraction   

  • Helps with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Grief

  • Alignment & Life Purpose

  • Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed

  • Increasing Self-Confidence & Self-Worth

  • Spiritual Growth & Developing Spiritual Gifts

  • Clarity & Focus

  • Increase Energy, Fatigue, & Motivation


  • Energy Healing Training- Become a Student

  • For Personal Learning & Professional Training

  • Resources for Obtaining Employment

  • For Beginners & Established Reiki, Massage, or other Health & Wellness Professionals. 


  • Training for your Employees at your Location

  • Employer Resource Guide- Understand What Your Need to Employ a Energy Healer,Insurance Information, Intake Forms, Charting & More!

  • Offer Services to Your Employees or Clients 

Why Train with us? What makes us Unique? 

 "Everything is Energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, it physics."
~ Albert Einstein

Training is with Brynna Lyon 

Spiritual Journey- Owner, Certified Energy Therapist & Vibrational Medicine Teacher

Train with someone who is Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Truly Cares!! 


This training program was thoughtfully designed by Brynna Lyon who has been providing professional energy healing services since 2011 as a Certified Energy Therapist & Vibrational Medicine Practitioner with a 560 hour diploma from a licensed trade school in Washington state. 

Energy healing is profoundly personal to Brynna and her own healing journey. It is something she very passionate about because it is super effective in helping people and can be provided in a way that is safe, professional, respected by and easily integrates into the traditional medical community! Having energy healing services available also enhances all aspects of business- including employee productivity, creativity, wellness, cooperation, and retention. Everything is energy and when that energy is in harmony and alignment, starting at the personal level- everything comes into harmony and alignment.

When Brynna first started in this field, there were very limited opportunities to be hired by an employer due to the limited understanding of energy healing, required insurance, etc. It was a very hard journey for Brynna to not only do the healing work but also to become a business owner and wear all the many hats a owner wears along with securing financing. Brynna has considered all of these struggles over the years, the growing demand for services, that not all students want to be a business owner, as well as the opportunities and liabilities of a perspective employer. This has resulted in placing a special effort to empower employers to be able to successfully offer these services to their clients or employees as well as helping students to be able to have opportunities to be employed.


When it comes to our training program, it is a very complete program meaning that we provide a very comprehensive educational curriculum and we focus on helping to develop the student to build a solid foundation and  their own inner healing work while developing their gifts so they may best facilitate healing work for others.

We Develop the Healer- their character, skills & advanced techniques and

Help Businesses to offer Energy Healing Services to their employees and clients.

Our Training teaches the student to provide professional personalized sessions for each person to meet their individual needs & goals. 

Some of Our Program Content & Techniques Include: 

  • The Aura, Levels, Integration of the Energy Through the Body & Chakra System.

  • Chakra Cleansing, Reconstruction, & Balancing

  • Specialized Colored Light Therapy based on Chromotherapy & the visible light spectrum

  • Personal Healing/Development of the Student

  • Ethics, Communication/Listening

  • Sound Therapy/Toning

  • Shadow Healing, Positive/Negative Ego Aspects, & Emotional Repatterning

  • Essential Oils (Young Living Brand)

  • Acutonics (Tuning Forks)

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts

  • Energy Pathways & Chinese Meridian Clearing

  • Bach Flower Remedies & Energy Pathways

  • Breathe Work & Chanting

  • Healing or Removing Energetic Cords/Connections

  • Specialized Energetic Body Treatment

  • Professional Charting/Documentation


Disclaimer: Energy Healers do not manipulate tissues, diagnose disease, or prescribe medication. Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability  to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy and this manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

"I am grateful for this course work as it has helped tremendously in reconnecting with myself and rejuvenating my love & passion for energy healing and assisting others on their healing paths. Brynna is so thorough in the material, but more than anything, encouraging, transparent and compassionate as a Teacher and Guide. I feel very honored to have studied with her expanding my abilities and knowledge beyond my Reiki background, learning a new method and techniques as an energy therapist and diving deeper into the Chakra systems. I highly recommend this course to anyone feeling called to broaden their life's work and purpose!"

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