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Spiritual Journey Energy Healing Training

We are here to help raise the consciousness of our planet and create ripples of change! We believe Knowledge is power and we support every person’s right to choose what is best for their body and spirit. We wish to help empower people in connecting with their spirit while remaining grounded in the present moment. We love giving people safe and effective tools and treatments that can complement other traditional or alternative healing or spiritual practices.


The energy and spiritual world are just as real as the material world and are governed by energetic and scientific principles. We believe it is our responsibility to assure that all of our workshops and services help you to not only connect with your spirit, but also provide a solid education in those energetic and scientific principals. The pairing of science and intuition is a powerful and potent combination that truly utilizes all of the many facets that make us complete human beings.


About the Owner

Brynna Lyon 

Spiritual Healer, Certified Energy Therapist, & Energy Healing Teacher & Trainer

Since I was 5 years old, I have always loved helping people and wanted to “heal” people even though I had no idea at that time it was even possible.

At age 7, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and put on many sedating medications with terrible side effects. I was told that I would be on medication for my whole life. In my early adulthood I decided I could no longer take the side effects and looked for other options. This is what started my really wonderful and interesting journey towards my own healing and discovery of hidden gifts I could use to help others.

My story is remarkable and an exception to most, but I currently take no medications and have not for over 15 years. I have no visible symptoms of TS and it does not affect me.


Brynna has a 560-hour Diploma in the art and science of energy healing and vibrational medicine along with an extensive background as a certified nursing assistant and experience in home healthcare management. Brynna values the power of choice and her right to only sell products and offer services that she truly believes in and has personal experience with. You will never find a service, product or workshop that Brynna has not personally reviewed, she wants to assure it is safe and is of high quality. We don’t do crap here!! Brynna also does not believe in selling people items or services that they truly do not need and therefore will only recommend what is truly needed and what is best for an individual.

Certified Energy Therapist 

560 hour Diploma in the Art & Science of Energy Healing & Vibrational Medicine

*Energetic Healing – Chakras, High-sense perception, Color frequencies, Advanced energetic treatments

*Aromatherapy & Flower Essences – Emotional healing in combination with Acupuncture points

*Shadow Healing – Focus on our shadow side and reclaiming the power behind it

*Color Therapy- Properties of color, Use for both physical and emotional healing

*Sound Healing- use of voice, Entrainment

*Acutonics® – the use of Ohm tuning forks on meridian/chakra imbalance

*Chinese Medicine – elemental understanding of tradition Chinese medicine

*Applied Kinesiology – Muscle testing

*Homeopathy – philosophy, theory and usage of common remedies

*Anatomy & Physiology

*Medical Record Keeping, Student Clinics & 30+ Hour Internship

*Universal Law, Study of the mind, Levels of Consciousness

*Cross-cultural influences on perceptions of disease and health

*Shamanistic studies

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