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Business/Group Packages
Energy Healing Training at Your Location!!


With Brynna Lyon-
Certified Energy Therapist & Spiritual Healer

Massage Table

Training Space Requirements:

  1. A space that is private and secure and will not be interrupted by people not participating in training. It can be a big single area that is big enough to fit up to 2- massage tables with room to walk completely around the table and fit everyone in the room or 2 different smaller areas with 1 table in each space.  

  2. For practice sessions, a private room will be needed that fits a massage table with ability to walk around it, small table or desk to work on, small shelf or area for supplies, 2 chairs & and small table.

  3. Access to a bathroom.

  4. Ability to receive packages at location prior to training.

  5. Access to training space the night before to set-up.

  6. Access to copy machine/printer.

  7. Chairs

  8. Clipboards & Pens

  9. Small Tables/TV Trays or Rolling Carts for Tools

  10. Locking file cabinet- for client files

  11. Paper Towels & Drinking Water

How Business/Group Training Works:

  1. View our Training Program Click Here

  2. Review Training Space Requirements (see above) & Employers Guide (see Below)

  3. Contact us for a Consultation & Sign our Training Agreement

  4. Schedule Your Training 1 Dates

  5. Student Interviews & Signs Student Contract

  6. Payment (See below for Business Package Rates)

  7. Students Begin Online Learning

  8. We start sending your supplies

  9. We Come to your Location and Train!!

  10. Students Complete Practice Session! 

  11. Training is Complete!

  12. Sign-up for Training 2 & Repeat...​


Employers Guide Includes:

1. Customizable Templates:

  • Health History Form​

  • Energy Healing Charting (SOAP Notes)

  • Informational Brochure

  • Sample non-compete agreement

  • Sample Employee Training Agreement- employee termination/resignation training payback agreement.

2. Employers Guide & Education: 

  • Understanding Legalities of Energy Healing

  • Insurance Information for your business and employees

  • How to setup an Ideal healing Space

  • The Role of a Healer

  • Understanding What Your Healer (employee) Needs to do their best work and stay safe 

  • Marketing Suggestions

  • Pricing Suggestions Guide 

  • Essential Oils Masterclass Handbook & Access to take the Online Course

  • A copy of our Student Agreement

4. Supplies & Equipment List including:

  • Supply & Equipment List

  • Account Info for Supplies & Retail Product Sales

Person Writing

Business Training Package:


Equipment & Supplies are included in the price. We will go over in details what equipment and supplies are included in each training. If you are a group, each person will need to purchase their own equipment & supplies. Only the Business or Group training host will receive supplies & equipment, not each individual person.

Investment for Training 1:

Includes Employers Guide &

 Equipment/Supplies- massage table(s), face-covers, bolsters, essential oils kit, Books, Folders, Healing Binder, etc. 

Starting@$7,000 for 3-4 people

Starting@$10,000 for 5-6 People


Investment for Training 2:

Includes Equipment/Supplies

Starting@$6,300 for 3-4 people

Starting@$9,500 for 5-6 People

Investment for Training 3:

Includes Equipment/Supplies

Starting@$6,500 for 3-4 people

Starting@$10,000 for 5-6 People

Investment Training 4:

Includes Equipment/Supplies

Starting@$6,700 for 3-4 people

Starting@$10,200 for 5-6 People

Investment for Trainings 5-7:

Includes Equipment/Supplies

Starting@$7,500 for 3-4 people

Starting@$8,500 for 5-6 People

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