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90 Days of Authentic Alignment

  • 18Weeks


Pay is Full Special: $179 (Reg. $279)Are you ready to experience more inner peace, increased health & wellness, mental clarity, better life circumstances, improved relationships, & awaken your natural spiritual gifts? Do you want to release what is not serving you & manifest what is going to serve your highest good in a way that is fun, practical, & meaningful? Did you know that there are simple and easy ways to shift your energy into alignment & that in doing so all of the above will come into being! 90 Days of Authentic Alignment was created by a leader in the energy healing field with over 15 years of experience in private practice & in training other healers. It is designed to move beyond the traditional and limited chakra content you will find in the books or your average Reiki classes with the intention to truly help you understand your energy field and the actual purpose and function of the chakra system so that you can start to heal yourself & easy move into alignment on all levels of your being- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual! This is a guided personal healing & alignment program. You will enjoy her authentic real-life examples & down to earth teaching style. This Healing & Alignment Journey Includes: * Healing Actions Worksheets with over 70+ Printable Healing Actions & Exercises *Easy Reference Chakra Charts for each Major Chakra *Chakra Healing Actions Charts for each chakra: yoga poses, gemstones, essential oils, healing affirmations & more!

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