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Balancing Qi- The Elements, Energy Pathways & TCM


Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine Concepts, The Elements, and The Chinese Meridian System (energetic pathways). This course is designed specifically for energy healers, massage therapists, estheticians, or anyone wanting expand their knowledge and uplevel their business or healing practice. This course is taught by a Certified Energy Therapist, Energy Healing Teacher, and Owner of a Bodywork School. The course is designed to help you easily understand the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine and the flow of Qi through the energy pathways- how it all work and effects health and wellness- including the acupuncture/acupressure system-what all the different points are and what they do. Most importantly, you can start apply this knowledge into what you do!! The course includes custom designed handouts tailored for easy use during treatments: The Charts for all 12 main meridians display if it is a yin or yang meridian, where all the points are, element info, element, labeled source point, labeled alarm point, and much more!! There are also detailed charts for Circadian Meridian Clock, Alarm Points, Source Points, & Cardinal Point Chart. Did you read all the above chart information and don't have clue what any of that is? No problem- We will learn all about it in this course!!

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