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Chakras 101


Discover & Understand Your Chakra System and Your Energy Field Like Never Before!! This is a complete training and healing journey thoughtfully crafted by Brynna Lyon owner of Spiritual Journey Energy Healing Training. Brynna is a Certified Energy Therapist with 560+ hour diploma in the art and science of energy healing, over 15 years of experience as a professional healer and teacher who trains and certifies other healers in advanced energy healing. This course is required for all Brynna's energy healing students, many of them Reiki and massage practitioners. Typical feedback we receive about this course- "Wow, I thought a knew the chakra system, but I have never even heard some of this info! This is so in-depth and the healing actions have completely transformed my entire life!" You will not find some of this information in other books or online courses. Now it is available for anyone who wants to learn and heal their chakras! You will love the authentic feel of this course and how the instructor keeps it real through opening up and sharing real life examples from both her professional practice and her personal life to help you better understand the material. Includes 70+ Healing Actions & Exercises: *Easy Reference Chakra Charts. *Healing Actions Worksheets & Exercises for all Chakras! *Chakra Healing Actions Charts for each chakra including- yoga poses, gemstones, essential oils, healing affirmations & more! *Healing Actions Worksheets & Exercises for all Chakras!

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