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About Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the Beautiful Integration of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

Energy Healing Tools & Techniques can Help with:

  • Stress Relief & Management

  • Pain

  • Elevated Manifestation & Attraction   

  • Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Grief

  • Alignment & Life Purpose

  • Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed

  • Increasing Self-Confidence & Self-Worth

  • Spiritual Growth & Developing Spiritual Gifts

  • Clarity & Focus

  • Increase Energy, Fatigue, & Motivation

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a transformational journey in which an individual works with a healer to help them understand their life as a learning experience for their soul while providing them with resources and techniques to restore their energy system, promote self-understanding, raise conscious awareness, and facilitate personal growth so they can experience enhanced health and happiness. The healer works with a person as an individual or group to guiding them in making positive life changes while honoring and respecting their unique life experiences and their journey as an evolving spiritual being.

A practitioner teaches and facilitates energy balancing treatments and techniques which promotes an experience of feeling more alive, mental and emotional clarity, and personal integration. Energy healers can offer individual healing sessions that are specific and personal to each individual and what they need at the time of the session and is uniquely designed specifically for each person using the best combination of tools and techniques. They can also offer an array of different services, workshops or group services designed to help harmonize the energy field. 

The human body is a part of the universal life force energy that flows through and within every part of the body. When this energy flow is blocked or excessive, the body’s functions become impaired, which can lead to symptoms of distress and eventually disease. Working through the aura or electro-magnetic field the Practitioner helps to clear blockages and balance the energy, allowing healing energy to again flow freely through the person’s body. This is achieved through the use of hands-on healing techniques similar to Reiki and other vibrational medicine tools.


Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the Chakras and energy meridians so they may regain the proper energy flow and balance within the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy and this manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  


What are the Chakras?

Chakras are vortex-like subtle vital energy centers on the body which exist while the body is alive and disappear at death. Your Chakras work together as a system of reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies in correspondence of our environment. The Chakras reflect and effect how we are processing energy on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The function of the main Chakras are to properly integrate incoming energy and vitality within our energetic system to create changes within the physical body. The chakras allow us to energetically perceive each other by displaying how we are processing incoming energy through the transmission of our personal frequency. It is our personal frequency or our vibration that then attracts to us other similar type frequencies, thoughts, people, and circumstances that are in resonance with us or repels what is not in resonance. Chakra cleansing and development is the fastest way to be able to increase positive results from the law of attraction because it is the Chakras that in essence produces your vibration.

There are 7 major Chakras along the center line of the body and several more in other areas such as the hands and feet. Each Chakra corresponds to a major nerve plexus, gland system, color, body parts, various bodily process, and major areas of our life. Each individual chakra focuses on a specific area such as survival, sex, power, love, communication, imagination, and spirituality and contains the programming and operating system of how we are handling these various aspects. As we grow and develop, our chakras also develop and process more energy at a greater capacity resulting in an increase in our conscious awareness. Chakra clearing and balancing can produce powerful life transformation because it shifting our programming and operating system.  


What is a Energy (Chinese) Meridian?

The human energy system is made up of hundreds of energy pathways commonly known as the nadis. Nadi means flow. The Hindu Nadi system consists of as many as 350,000 pathways that energy flows through the body. The Chinese acupuncture system is a simplified and very organized version of the Hindu Nadi system. The Chinese acupuncture system consists of 12 major meridians or energy channels that run on each side of the body, one side mirroring the other. Each Meridian corresponds to an internal organ and its energetic pathway and flow through the body. Each meridian (energetic channel) consists of specific points known as acupuncture points where the energy can be manipulated to help unblock and balance the flow of energy through the meridian channel. The correct flow of energy through each meridian is vital to the functioning and health of the organ and the entire system overall.   

Triple Warmer.jpg

Session may Consist of a Combination of:

  • Chakra Cleansing, Reconstruction, & Balancing  

  • Colored Light Therapy

  • Sound Therapy

  • Essential Oils (Young Living Brand)

  • Acutonics (Tuning Forks)

  • Chinese Meridian Clearing

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Breathe Work & Chanting

  • Gemstones

  • Shamanistic Healing

  • Energetic Cord Work

  • Specialized Energetic Treatment


Specialized Energetic Treatments:

These are purely energetic treatments with no manipulation of tissues! All physical results are a result of the bodies natural ability to manifest healing when energy is cleared and properly balanced!

  • Respiratory System Treatment- Improves Breathing, Helps with Grief, Opens the Heart towards more Love. 

  • Liver Treatment- Helps with Digestion & Detox, Improves Energy, Helps with Personal Power and Anger. 

  • Spine Treatment- Helps align all levels of ones being, improves overall energy flow, multiple positive benefits 

  • Lymphatic System Treatment- Get things moving, great for immune system, helps with injuries.  

  • Adrenal System Treatment- Incredibly calming, helps with stress, balance hormones, Improves sleep, helps fear & trauma 

  • Nervous System Treatment- Helps with the overall function of the nervous system. 

  • Sushumna Treatment- An entire transformation of the energy field on all levels

  • Spleen Treatment- Better Integration of Income Energy and How it is Used and Processed 

"Brynna brings a refreshing change to the healing industry. Coupled with her professional training, she incorporates various additional modalities such as Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, and Tuning Forks. In session Brynna uses her skills to target, address and open the channels of healing the distress of the Mind, Body & Soul.
A session with Brynna promotes life improvements by a skilled professional. Working not only from her professional training, Brynna also uses her Intuitive Guidance bringing a deeper healing to her clients resulting in enhancing, improving and stabilizing their lives.
In my professional opinion, as a healer of over 40 years, I have found her to be one of the purest healers I have ever met. Her intention is 100% focused on what is for the client’s highest good as she operates from the Intuitive and divine Spiritual realm."


"Brynna helped me with my anxiety and issues I was having with my spleen. I had done so much on my own prior to my appointment with her and nothing was helping. I originally went to her for the benefits of the ionic foot detox not realizing she was an energy healer/spiritual healer.. which I had been looking for since 2018! It all happened very much in synchronicity. I’ve had two sessions of the energy healing and her gifts have helped me tremendously. She is kind, supportive and fun. I recommend her to anyone who can’t seem to work past their physical pains and ailments with the traditional way of chiropractic care and massage, and this recommendation is coming from a massage therapist🤭. She is good at what she does and you feel lit up and inspired after you leave her office. My husband also saw Brynna for his anxiety and chest pain and after a day he was feeling much better, and anxiety free. I’m not saying she’s a one stop fix all, I don’t think anything works that way. Healing is a creative process and it takes effort on the clients part, but I definitely believe she has many solutions, knowledge and guidance to help the ones who want it. She also helped clear and cleanse my space at home. She’s amazing and multitalented!"

Alyssia, Tacoma, WA

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Flower remedies.jpg

We do not manipulate tissues, diagnose disease, or prescribe medication. Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the Chakras and energy meridians so they may regain the proper energy flow and balance within the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability  to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy and this manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

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