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The Clearing and Alignment Experience is For You if:

The Chakra System
  • You Want to Get Unstuck!

  • Need to Process & Let Go of Hurt, Grief, Anger, & Trauma!

  • Are Ready to Align and Cleanse Your Home and Energy!

  • Are Sensitive, Empathic, or Spiritually Gifted. 

  • Ready for a Holistic Approach to Depression, Anxiety, or Stress!

  • Deeply Desire to Reconnect to Your True Self!

  • Want to Access Peace and Stability from Within! 

  • Want to Trust and Follow Your Intuition!

  • Ready to Organically Allow your spiritual gifts to emerge.  

This Personal Healing Experience Consists of:


6- Specialized In-Person Energy Healing Sessions: 

To Find out more about Energy Healing:
Click Here 

All Sessions Include any Chakra Healing, Meridian Clearing, Energetic Cord Work,   These are purely energetic treatments with no manipulation of tissues! All physical results are a result of the bodies natural ability to manifest healing when energy is cleared and properly balanced!

  • Energetic Alignment: Helps align all levels of ones being, improves overall energy flow through the chakra & meridian systems, helps manifests better life circumstances more in alignment with your true self.  

  • Restore Vitality: Improves Breathing and helps with lung repair, helps with Grief, Opens the Heart towards more Love works energetically with the respiratory system. 

  • Energy & Power Booster: Helps with Digestion & Detox and supports associated organs, Improves Energy Levels and Management, Helps with Personal Power, and releases Anger  

  • Move & Flow: Get things moving in the body and life, great for immune system, helps with injuries, and works energetically with lymphatic system.  

  • Feel Secure & Peaceful: Incredibly calming, helps with stress, balance hormones, Improves sleep, helps fear & trauma, works energetically with the adrenals and endocrine system.

  • Harmonious Integrations: Helps with the overall function of the nervous system, calming, and repatterns negative programming. 


Energy healers do not manipulate tissues, diagnose disease, or prescribe medication. Healing is a direct response to clearing and balancing the Chakras and energy meridians so they may regain the proper energy flow and balance within the subtle energy systems. The body has an innate ability  to heal itself when it is able to correctly process energy and this manifests results on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Also Includes 5-Bach Flower Remedies Personally Selected For You!


All Energy Healing Sessions will Include any needed: 

  • Chakra Cleansing, Reconstruction, & Balancing  

  • Colored Light Therapy

  • Sound Therapy

  • Essential Oils (Young Living Brand)

  • Acutonics (Tuning Forks)

  • Chinese Meridian Clearing

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Breathe Work & Chanting

  • Shamanistic Healing

  • Energetic Cord Work

  • Auric Attachments & Entity Clearing 


An Energetic Home
Space Cleansing Session: 

Brynna will come to your home and do an Energetic Space Cleansing Session!

To Find out more about Space Cleansing:
Click Here 


During Your Home Cleansing You will also Recieve: 

  1. Mentoring with Brynna on how to continue to keep the energy of your home clear and at a high vibe.

  2. Space Clearing Guidebook by Brynna Lyon featuring over 20+ vibrational clearing tools and their specific uses including pictures!

  3. Space Cleansing Kit which Includes:

  • Smudges- Pine, Cedar, Juniper, White Sage, Blue, Sage, Mugwort, Yerba Santa, Palo Santo.

  • Smudge Shell or Bowl, Tealight Candles, Lighter

  • Young Living Essential Oils (Citrus Fresh Vitality, Lavender Vitality, Purification)

  • 3- Packages of Incense (your choice of scent) & Burner

  • Energetic Space Cleansing Spray


More Details & Frequently asked questions

How do I sign-up?

Schedule an Online Consultation via online booking. Please schedule your consultation asap as there is a limited amount of people we can work with each month as there may be a waitlist and we need to prepare supplies. 


How long will we work together & What is the time commitment?

We will work together for a total of about 3 months. Your space cleansing session will be scheduled first prior to any energy healing sessions and will last anywhere from 3-4 hours. Energy healing sessions are scheduled every 2 weeks and last no more than 2 hours (4 hours for 2 people) including set-up and clean-up. You will also be responsible to participate in your healing homework which could take 10 min. - 1 hour each day. 

How is Scheduling done?

Once you get signed-up, you will gain access to conveniently book your home cleansing and energy healing sessions online or we can schedule you via phone call.


Where are the Energy Healing Sessions Provided & What are Requirements?

Because we serve a wide area, we usually provide services in your home. Occasionally, we may have an office location available. We bring all supplies. For home services, you will need a private space with clean floors (we will be bare foot) large enough for a massage table and to be able to walk completely around it. Although we love animals, children, and cellphones, we ask that you honor your appointment time by being distraction free. During your space clearing session, we discuss a good location. 


I want my spouse or child to receive energy healing too! Can that be arranged?

Yes! Please let us know during your consultation and even better if they can be present for that also! We work with children 12 years old and up. If you add on a person for energy healing sessions at the time you sign-up you will receive a special discount rate. Sessions will be provided for you both during your appointment so you will need to plan for 4 hours each time. if you don't have an add-on when you sign-up, you may add on a single session of energy healing at any time during the course of working together for $350 but you must call ahead of time to assure there is have room on the schedule.  


Do you work with everyone who applies?

No, we have a limited amount of people we can serve each month and we also take into account several different things when we talk with someone. We truly care about who we work with and we want to make sure that participants are successful and get amazing results. 

Some of the reasons this may not be a good fit include:

  • We intuitively feel or it is determined by us both that it is not the right timing. Working with us takes approximately 3 months to complete. We understand that life happens and that sometimes it can be difficult to make a 3-month commitment. Also, this is a healing journey that we help facilitate but ultimately you need to be ready to do the healing work and sometimes it is not quite time yet. 

  • This program is designed for people who are in general good health. Although energy healing can provide some remarkable results for all kinds of issues, if you have a serious illness or disease, this program will not be able to provide you the specialized care you will need. 

  • You are pregnant, have cancer, or are very immune compromised: People with these circumstances should not receive generalized energy healing from any practitioner unless the practitioner has very specialized training for that, as it puts both the recipient and practitioner at risk. While we do offer a specialized energetic cancer treatment and will occasionally work with severe illness, this program is not designed for that.


Pink Lotus Flower

"I've struggled with anxiety, emotional pain, PTSD and I have tried many forms of therapy including different types of energy healing, counseling, and specialized rapid eye movement counseling which still did not provide me enough relief to break through "the funk" and help me move forward in life and out of being stuck. Enter Brynna: I continue to be blown away by her intuitive ability to know what going on with me both physically and emotionally. She has a gift like no other provider I have seen. I can now say with confidence that my funk is gone. I feel noticeably more grounded, confident, focused and able to make decisions without questioning myself. I no longer feel exhausted. Brynna has a gift and is a gift from God. I've noticed a major shift in my personal growth and finally feel at peace with who I am. I highly recommend Brynna. You will not be disappointment. "

Karin, Puyallup, WA


"Brynna brings a refreshing change to the healing industry. Coupled with her professional training, she incorporates various additional modalities such as Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, and Tuning Forks. In session Brynna uses her skills to target, address and open the channels of healing the distress of the Mind, Body & Soul.A session with Brynna promotes life improvements by a skilled professional. Working not only from her professional training, Brynna also uses her Intuitive Guidance bringing a deeper healing to her clients resulting in enhancing, improving and stabilizing their lives.In my professional opinion, as a healer of over 40 years, I have found her to be one of the purest healers I have ever met. Her intention is 100% focused on what is for the client’s highest good as she operates from the Intuitive and divine Spiritual realm."

Denise, Olympia, WA

River Stones

"Brynna helped me with my anxiety and issues I was having with my spleen. I had done so much on my own prior to my appointment with her and nothing was helping. I’ve had two sessions of the energy healing and her gifts have helped me tremendously. She is kind, supportive and fun. I recommend her to anyone who can’t seem to work past their physical pains and ailments with the traditional way of chiropractic care and massage, and this recommendation is coming from a massage therapist. She is good at what she does and you feel lit up and inspired after you leave her office. My husband also saw Brynna for his anxiety and chest pain and after a day he was feeling much better, and anxiety free. I’m not saying she’s a one stop fix all, I don’t think anything works that way. Healing is a creative process and it takes effort on the clients part, but I definitely believe she has many solutions, knowledge and guidance to help the ones who want it. 

Allysa, Tacoma, WA

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