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IonCleanse Detox 

By AMD. The world's most effective and safe full body detoxification in the world including heavy metals. 

The IonCleanse Detox is the only patented system using a medical grade power supply (no harmful EMF's) with the safety approvals of both the FCC & CE.

What are Toxins?

In short, toxins are harmful substances to your body that are many times unavoidable. They come from pollutants in the air, household chemicals, food, alcohol, cigarettes, cosmetics, and so much more. Your body has systems in place to address toxicity, including the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon, and the lymphatic system. However, exposure to toxins in our environment is at historic highs and there is a lot of evidence that our bodies cannot handle the toxins on their own. These toxins that our bodies are unable to get rid of are then stored with our fat cells and connective tissues turning into acidic waste and attacking the systems of the body.  

Toxins Wreck Severe Havoc on the Systems of the Body!

Heart and Circulatory System: Causing High Blood pressure and irregular heart beats

Blood Vessels: Causing abnormal bleeding into the skin, joints, breast, urine and else where. 

Reproductive System: Affect hormones, fertility and the future health of a baby 

Immune System: Causing an increasing tendency to allergies and respiratory (nose, sinus, lung) and ear infections. 

Skeletal System:  Causing chronic swelling and stiffness that eventually leads to pain and permanent  joint deformities. 

Brain and Nervous Systems: Causing headaches, difficulty thinking or remembering, explicable emotional ups and downs, depression, irritability moodiness, aggression, hyperactivity or extreme fatigue. 

Defense System: Impairing the defense systems of the human body making it prone to cancer.

Muscular System: Causing twitches, tics, muscle pains or weakness, in time possibly leading to fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, ALS or Parkinson's disease. 

Endocrine System: Contributing to illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid disease and weakened adrenal glands.   

Experience Better Health & Wellness with the Ioncleanse Detox 

Better Sleep

Boost Immune System

Increase Energy

Decrease Brain Fog

Reduce Inflammation

What Does the IonCleanse Do?

The IonCleanse by AMD helps the body relax and gently detox in a way it has never been able to before, even if normal pathways of elimination are compromised. Toxins interfere with every system of the body and turn into acidic waste effecting our sleep, mental clarity, energy, mood, joints, muscles, immune system, nervous system, organs, circulatory system, respiratory system and so much more. 

The IonCleanse's proprietary and patented technology results in only Bio-compatible electrical frequencies entering the water in the foot tub and creates an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the power of ions. These ions neutralize charged particles (toxins such as acidic waste and heavy metals) which then exit the body through the feet during the session and continues to allow the body to detox at greater capacities up to 5 days later.  


Detoxification with the IonCleanse creates a clear pathway to help the body systems function more optimally and allow for greater natural healing capacity. Using the IonCleanse as part of a wellness protocol or with almost any other type of therapy or intervention may enhance your health and wellness results.    

The IonCleanse Detox is Proven to Reduce:

34% of Glyphosate

46% of Aluminum

24% of Cadmium

Varying  % of other heavy metals and other types of toxins

What Do the Water Colors Mean?

The water color change during the session is fascinating! It is estimated that about 70% of what you see in the tub is toxic material eliminated from the user while the remaining approximate 30% of color change will occur with or without feet and is neutralized material from the water or residue from the machine plates that are used.  

While people can and do detox through their feet, the main detox benefits happen after the cleanse through your body's normal detox pathways. After a session the user feels calm, relaxed, and focused. They may or may not see relief from other physical symptoms. There are no harmful side-effects and the process is painless, non-invasive and completely safe. 

People with metal implants or who cannot detox through the feet due to amputation or medical issues can still use the IonCleanse using their hands instead of the feet. 

The IonCleanse is Safe for Most People, Children & Pets!

However, there are a few exceptions.



  • You are pregnant or breast feeding

  • Have a pacemaker or other electrical implants

  • Have had an organ transplant 

  • Chemo treatments- Please wait 72 hrs. after your treatment

  • Take medication that causes severe issues if you skip a dose such as seizure and some blood pressure or mental health medications.

 Appointment Information 

Single Session: $50

Ask about a Prepaid Package!

About Your Session: 

  • We will go over the ideal recommend detox program for you at your appointment.

  • To get the most from your session, please drink lots of water before, during and after your session!!

  • Appointments should be scheduled with a minimum of 1 day in between each appointment.

  • We use specialized high power plates specifically designed for office use. The maximum amount of time your feet will be submerged in the water will be 20 min. Time will be adjusted for children.

  • Children (ages 4-10) and Adults (under age 50) can safely use the Ioncleanse up to 3x/week. 

  • Adults age 50+ can safely use the IonCleanse up to 2x/week. 

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