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Space Cleansing

Energetic Space Cleansing Services
With Brynna
Starting @ $499

*We now offer payment plans for training, services and products during checkout/booking!

Service Areas:

Sumner, Bonney Lake, Auburn, Federal Way, Kent, Maple Valley, Enumclaw, Covington, Puyallup, Milton, Edgewood, Algona, Tacoma, Lakewood, Spanaway, Buckley, & Orting. Please call for pricing for Seattle and other surrounding areas. 

A travel fee may apply.

What is Space Cleansing

Space clearing is a unique process of clearing stagnant energies and re-setting the space to a much more harmonious vibe. Space Clearing de-stresses both the environment and the people living or working there. When our environment is at peace it promotes a space for us to also experience more peace. 

Space clearing is much more then simply "smudging" your space. There are many different types of energies, energetic imprints, attachments, environmental influences, and several other factors that require the right cleansing tools.

In some cases, it may also require a professional who specializes in this skill set and has the knowledge and special gift to be able to clear and manipulate different types of energy and frequencies.


Services With Brynna Lyon

When To Have Space Clearing:

  • After significant life changes, a period of long stressful situation(s), when life has become stagnant and you need to get things moving.

  • To bring positive energy into your business or office. 

  • Before you put your home or rental on the market to get things moving and let go of any attachments you may have to the property.

  • When you move to a new home or business location to clear any imprints.

  • If you are experiencing odd occurrences or traumatic events.

  • After any remodeling, construction, demolition, or property damage to home or land. 

  • The start of a new project or after a major life change such as a divorce, change in career, or the death of a loved one to clear the way for a solid foundation & positive new beginning.

  • If you have never had one done!

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Space Clearing Guidebook By Brynna Lyon

The Space Clearing Guidebook by Brynna Lyon is available on Amazon as both an E-Book & Printed Copy.

Energetic Cleansing Spray

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Energetic Space Cleansing Spray

"Brynna works down the hall from me. So when I first walked into her office you felt just at peace. I loved the feeling so much I asked her if she could give my massage office some pointers. It made such a difference! Plus my schedule filled up! I would most definitely refer anyone to Brynna who is looking for any kind of space clearing or energy work"

Andra, Tacoma, WA

"Brynna came to my house and did a house cleansing, which was fantastic. Her coming through jolted me with inspiration and made my home feel so much more at peace. Thank you Brynna!"

Alyssia, Tacoma, WA

Energetic Space Cleansing Tools- smudges, rattles, essential oils, sage, pine, sweetgrass, palo santo

About Space Cleansing

One of the major factors in our health and well-being that is often overlooked is the energy of the spaces we occupy. The land holds an energetic charge of everything that has ever taken place. This includes emotions, damage/vandalism, construction to the property/buildings or the land, and everything that happens in a home or space. These vibrations which energetically charge the molecules of the space get imprinted into the walls, furniture, landscape and everything in it and will continue to hold that frequency. 

This energetic imprint results in the “feel” or "vibe" (vibration) of the home or space and is created from an unseen level of energetic debris much like physical dust or cobwebs build-up. This causes the energy to be and feel stagnant, dull, heavy and many times extremely draining. It not only effects the feel of the space but also influences everyone who lives there or visits. We are consistently responding through our Chakra system to the energetic information around us which is a direct correspondence to our health, well-being, and every area of our life. How the energy in your home or office is flowing is going to have a direct result on your life, relationships, and business.

The Chakras

About Space Clearing Services:​

  • Session are always provided in a loving, non-judgmental and confidential manner.

  • We ask that only 1-2 people be present during the clearing and that all other people and children remain gone while we complete our work if possible.   

  • Large homes and business with big property or areas that require other excessive clearing or land healing may require an additional fee or an additional appointment. We will inform you of this prior to beginning the cleansing.

  • Pets will need to be contained during the session. We will go over this when you schedule. 

  • We will be opening cupboards, drawers, jewelry holders and closets during the session according to your comfort level.

  • It can be helpful to have any crystals, gemstones, jewelry, and especially antique items easily accessible for cleansing.

  • Let us know ahead of time if you are experiencing any strange or scary occurrences.

  • Doors and windows will need to be open during your appointment. We do our best to help dissipate any smoke or scents before we leave. Please let us know if you have pets or people who do not do well with scents or smoke so that we can modify our tools to best accommodate that. 

  • We reserve that right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

  • You will need to provide 24-hour notice to reschedule your session. In the event of an emergency or sickness, please call us asap. We reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee.  

  • Please book an online consultation to schedule your space cleansing. You will be sent an email invoice with a secure link to pay. Your appointment is not confirmed until you pay the invoice.

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