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IonCleanse Detox Session

The world's most effective and safe full body detoxification in the world including heavy metals.

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Spiritual Journey Energy Healing Training

Service Description

DO NOT USE THE IONCLEANSE IF: *You are pregnant or breast feeding *Have a pacemaker or other electrical implants *Have had an organ transplant  *Chemo treatments- Please wait 72 hrs. after your treatment *Take medication that causes severe issues if you skip a dose such as seizure and some blood pressure or mental health medications. What Does the IonCleanse Do? The IonCleanse by AMD helps the body relax and gently detox in a way it has never been able to before, even if normal pathways of elimination are compromised. Toxins interfere with every system of the body and turn into acidic waste effecting our sleep, mental clarity, energy, mood, joints, muscles, immune system, nervous system, organs, circulatory system, respiratory system and so much more.  The IonCleanse's proprietary and patented technology results in only Bio-compatible electrical frequencies entering the water in the foot tub and creates an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body through the power of ions. These ions neutralize charged particles (toxins such as acidic waste and heavy metals) which then exit the body through the feet during the session and continues to allow the body to detox at greater capacities up to 5 days later.   Detoxification with the IonCleanse creates a clear pathway to help the body systems function more optimally and allow for greater natural healing capacity. Using the IonCleanse as part of a wellness protocol or with almost any other type of therapy or intervention may enhance your health and wellness results.    

Cancellation Policy

Late cancellation: Please give 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late cancelation is subject to a late fee of 100% of the service fee prepaid service. If you are sick, please call us and in the morning prior to 9am and leave a message to avoid the late cancellation fee. In the event of an emergency, please call us and we will retain the right to waive the cancellation fee when we see fit.

Contact Details

  • 15324 Main St E suite b, Sumner, WA, USA


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