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"I am grateful for this course work as it has helped tremendously in reconnecting with myself and rejuvenating my love & passion for energy healing and assisting others on their healing paths. Brynna is so thorough in the material, but more than anything, encouraging, transparent and compassionate as a Teacher and Guide.
I feel very honored to have studied with her expanding my abilities and knowledge beyond my Reiki background, learning a new method and techniques as an energy therapist and diving deeper into the Chakra systems. I highly recommend this course to anyone feeling called to broaden their life's work and purpose!"

Mystic, Puyallup, WA

“Training with Brynna was everything I thought it would be and more! I came to her a lost person just trying to find my way and after one private healing session with her I wanted to learn everything! How to heal others and how to heal and love myself deeper. She definitely helped me to tap in and get all the information needed to understand energy healing and how it works. This training is far in depth. Everything is explained in such detail. Brynna put a lot of love and work into this program, and it shows. You will not be disappointed when you step into this! If you need guidance, she and this program will guide you in all the ways your spirit needs, and you will find the ultimate healing you’ve ever experienced and grow in ways you never imagined. I am beyond amazed at all the wonderful things I have learned. The privilege to sit at her side and take in all this wonderful information was the best decision I made for myself and my family!”    

Briana, Port Orchard, WA

"Brynna is a great practitioner healer. Definitely recommend it is so worth it (this spot is a hidden Gem, thanks Brynna for your hard internal work it definitely mirrors. I come from mercer island, WA. Yep ,that's far but so worth it. I've been seeing her since July 2022 and had to write a review because my life has shifted so much. Emotionally, Physically and internally. I remember her saying I was her, and I didn't quite consume it totally until after more sessions and doing the internal work. I now can see the light (bigger picture) and I'm internally grateful for the grace and love I experienced at Spiritual journey Energy Healing Training. I realized now looking back, Bryanna was me but because she helped hold space and I too put in the work also 🥰to shift, Now I can see part of the other side now. Of light and truth from my lens at the moment. Because she honor and valued integrity and held space with an open heart. I was then able to open my heart and connect that strain of the separation that I unconsciously created (or from one point of view our ancestors ( the whole) (us). Thank you thank you Definitely recommend it is so worth it (this spot is a hidden Gem ( thanks Brynna for your past internal work you made, it definitely mirrors.)"

Kenny, Mercer Island, WA

"I came to Brynna for support with intense stress levels due to the changes with the pandemic. I had to see all of my clients over zoom. This is a very difficult way for me as a mental health provider feel connected with helping others. My stress very quickly manifested causing me too also be very physically ill. I have been to energy healers before. But it was nothing compared to what I experienced with Brynna. Brynna’s approach was personally developed to fit my unique needs and challenges. Brynna and I worked together as a team which resulted with my symptoms significantly decreasing. Brynna introduced me to new products such as essential oils, light therapy, ION cleanse and purchasing a Kangen water machine. The water machine is a game changer and has benefited my entire family. Even my plants and pets are healthier. Brynna’s profound healing abilities are so amazing and has definitely improved my quality of life. I know I will be utilizing her services throughout my lifetime. I feel so blessed for being able to work with her. She is so wonderful" 😊

Lisa, Steilacoom, WA

"Brynna is truly an incredible and very gifted energy healer. I went to see her after some close friends recommended her. I was struggling with grief and my heart was very heavy. I had been having trouble breathing, feeling like someone was sitting on my chest and making it hard to take deep breaths. This had been going on for months. I came into understanding that grief is associated with the lungs in Chinese medicine. During my session and afterwards, I experienced the weight being lifted off my chest and was able to take deep breaths. I had an emotional release, which was very much needed. Brynna created a sacred space where I could be vulnerable and let emotions flow, without any judgement. She operates from a place of love and compassion and it truly shows! I have seen her multiple times and always leave with such gratitude in my heart for the work that she does and the healing it brings me. Thank you Universe for Brynna!!!"

Aimee, Lake Tapps, WA

"Brynna has created a training program that is comprehensive and foundational to building the skills essential to becoming an exceptional energy healer. She has managed to make an ethereal concept tangible and accessible to anyone willing to learn. I feel blessed to be a part of this growing modality and Brynna is a leader in the field."

Jen, Graham, WA

"I've struggled with anxiety, emotional pain, have also been diagnosed with PTSD and I have tried many forms of therapy including different types of energy healing, counseling, and specialized rapid eye movement counseling which still did not provide me enough relief to break through "the funk" and help me move forward in life and out of being stuck. 

Enter Brynna: I've had numerous appointments with Brynna and continue to be blown away by her intuitive ability to know what going on with me both physically and emotionally. She has a gift like no other provider I have seen. I can now say with confidence that my funk is gone. I feel noticeably more grounded, confident, focused and able to make decisions without questioning myself. I no longer feel exhausted. Brynna has a gift and is a gift from God. I've noticed a major shift in my personal growth and finally feel at peace with who I am. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed much of the time, lack energy, have a desire to find your true self, need grounding and balance in your life, I highly recommend Brynna. You will not be disappointment. I only wish I'd stumbled upon her earlier in life but am so thankful to her for starting me on my healing journey.  


"I had the privilege to work with Brynna for the last six months.  We first started working on releasing some of my emotional and healing needs and it eventually morphed into a business coaching relationship. She helped me to see patterns of behavior and outdated thought patterns that could be released.  After receiving her healing, I definitely felt better physically and mentally. 

She also helped me to realize a passion and dream I’d had hidden inside me.  With her help, I launched a new business in only a few months after working with her.  I highly recommend her skills as a healer and a coach.   She has a gift to help you realize your dreams and goals while providing gentle support and healing along the way."


"Even though I had no idea what to expect going into the session, I knew that I needed what she offered. Its incredible that she was not the first to pop up on my search when looking for someone to work with. I am extremely intuitive and big on energy. I think I went thru about 15 other places and none of them felt right and then I got to her. First the name stuck out and then I decided to call and her attentiveness to details on explaining the process and what she does I felt a huge sense of peace and I was excited for my session.
After meeting with her we had an almost instant connection but my guard being up I was hesitant (even after contacting her) to allow someone close to me especially in my healing. She felt and eased that feeling. The session was phenomenal, and she was able to pick up on physical pains that I have had for years without me saying a word and working thru them to help me release a lot of stagnant emotions. She went above and beyond the call of duty because she sensed something in me that I couldn't explain to anyone. She uses multiple tools and resources to help based on your individual need and I am hands down a supporter for life!
Her confirmations of my gifts and what my soul has been pushing me to do relit the spark in me to figure it out. Her vulnerability to meet me where I was so that the session was not in vain was phenomenal. She has a gift that no one could ever make up. It is real and she has so much knowledge, wisdom and love radiating from her you have no choice but to be in high vibration around her.”

Yasmin, Puyallup, WA

Brynna helped me with my anxiety and issues I was having with my spleen. I had done so much on my own prior to my appointment with her and nothing was helping. I originally went to her for the benefits of the ionic foot detox not realizing she was an energy healer/spiritual healer.. which I had been looking for since 2018! It all happened very much in synchronicity. I’ve had two sessions of the energy healing and her gifts have helped me tremendously. She is kind, supportive and fun. I recommend her to anyone who can’t seem to work past their physical pains and ailments with the traditional way of chiropractic care and massage, and this recommendation is coming from a massage therapist????. She is good at what she does and you feel lit up and inspired after you leave her office. My husband also saw Brynna for his anxiety and chest pain and after a day he was feeling much better, and anxiety free. I’m not saying she’s a one stop fix all, I don’t think anything works that way. Healing is a creative process and it takes effort on the clients part, but I definitely believe she has many solutions, knowledge and guidance to help the ones who want it. She also helped clear and cleanse my space at home. She’s amazing and multitalented!

Allysa, Tacoma, WA

"I came to see Brynna because I was having issues with my hip joints. But what really got me was the fact that while she was working on me, I felt like crying, ...alot.. didn't know where that came from, but evidently Brynna knew...and my hip joints felt great for a long time too, which surprised me again. Thank you Brynna for your insightfulness, and TLC and now my Husband Doug will be seeing you too."

Sherry, Enumclaw, WA

"My five star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rating pales in comparison to the actual results of the services I’ve received from Brynna. Brynna provides the services she promotes with the utmost care and compassion. She is highly intuitive and listens to me intently when I tell her about the rough time I’m going through, paying attention to every detail which always makes me feel as though I’m her most important client. I always have a great experience, feel much more energized and joyful for hours to days afterwards and I trust Brynna completely.

I’ve tried many of her services including her energy healing sessions, Tranquility treatment, ioncleanse foot detox and her new addition “Tea with B”. All of these are wonderful options and I try to come in once a month and switch it up between them.. normally getting two services per visit when I have the time and funds to do so.

I really enjoyed Tea 🍵 with B cause it’s like sitting down with a good friend and just having an intuitive conversation about what is happening in your life and where you might need guidance to manifest positive change in your life. She sensed a lot of things about me without me even having to say a word about it to her first which was amazing, then I got to go into detail comfortably about the specific things happening around me that are bothering me and just had the nicest chat while sipping tea together! She had some great suggestions which I will follow to keep my mind as clear of negative thoughts as possible.

In conclusion, Excellent 5 stars?! 🙄 OH PUH-LEESE ...Brynna deserves 10 stars for her lovely healing work!! ✨ Thank you for being around ❤️"


"I got an energy healing session from Brynna, it was really powerful! She is kind, always makes sure your comfortable during your treatment, and the energy in her room is really calming and positive :) Highly recommend!


"Brynna brings a refreshing change to the healing industry. Coupled with her professional training, she incorporates various additional modalities such as Bach Flower Remedies, Essential Oils, and Tuning Forks. In session Brynna uses her skills to target, address and open the channels of healing the distress of the Mind, Body & Soul.
A session with Brynna promotes life improvements by a skilled professional. Working not only from her professional training, Brynna also uses her Intuitive Guidance bringing a deeper healing to her clients resulting in enhancing, improving and stabilizing their lives.
In my professional opinion, as a healer of over 40 years, I have found her to be one of the purest healers I have ever met. Her intention is 100% focused on what is for the client’s highest good as she operates from the Intuitive and divine Spiritual realm."

Denise, Olympia, WA

"I am an allopathic medical professional myself and have seen Brynna several times. One time I saw her as I was getting ill and it helped relieve symptoms. I also saw her for my severe pain after a car accident. Overnight I felt a big change in how my body felt. It melted away tension, pain, the scattered/foggy feeling, and overall mood. I highly recommend her, particularly if you are one of those people who can't seem to gain any relief from other treatments and know something feels off."


"Brynna is a beautiful and amazing person and she has helped me tremendously! I am so grateful the Universe led me to her! I've done energy healing, detox foot bath and Tea with B coaching sessions and they're all great! I like how she uses different tools like essential oils, smudge, tuning forks, and a nut shell rattle. The best part is she really cares and is so understanding and compassionate!

Melissa, Puyallup, WA

“I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and my anxiety, stress, depression, along with several other symptoms was so exhausting and painful. Most of my symptoms started to dissipate only after working with Brynna. I can’t even remember all my pain since some of my symptoms have completely disappeared. This is almost 2 years after it had started and I had spent approximately $4,000 trying to get rid of it by other avenues some of which helped very little and some not at all. Thank you Brynna and I encourage anyone and everyone to start their healing journey with Brynna right away.”


" I am grateful for this course work as it has helped tremendously in reconnecting with myself and rejuvenating my love & passion for energy healing and assisting others on their healing paths. Brynna is so thorough in the material, but more than anything, encouraging, transparent and compassionate as a Teacher and Guide.
I feel very honored to have studied with her expanding my abilities and knowledge beyond my Reiki background, learning a new method and techniques as an energy therapist and diving deeper into the Chakra systems. I highly recommend this course to anyone feeling called to broaden their life's work and purpose!"

Mystic, Puyallup, WA

" I would highly recommend spiritual journey healing. I left my first visit with incredible results I felt happy energized and like there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do. I was impressed I have struggled with anxiety and self doubt for years and just thought this is life. I have had four visits and those old feelings of anxiety are gone. I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. I am optimistic and more focused. Brynna is such a loving caring soul who really works with you to get the most out of your sessions. My life is the best it’s been in years."

Lynnette, Tacoma, WA

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